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Contract & Guarantee

Replacement Guarantee

1.  At Tiny Gem Shih Tzu, we strive to produce quality puppies.  Puppies are available to excellent PET homes only. All potential owners will be pre-screened to ensure a compatible match.

2.  Our puppies are health checked and have at least their first vaccinations and deworming before they leave for their new homes between 8-12 weeks of age, depending on the puppy.

3.  Tiny Gem Shih Tzu guarantee our puppies against all genetic defects up to one year of age, provided the puppy has been vet checked within 72 hours from purchase AND that the puppy has been spayed/neutered at/or prior to 6 months of age.  If a genetic defect should occur within that ONE year from birth which should cause the pup to expire, Tiny Gem Shih Tzu will replace the puppy with another puppy from the next available litter of the same purchase price and quality. There will be no money refunded for any reason.  This is a replacement guarantee only. Tiny Gem Shih Tzu must be notified within one day the results of the necropsy of the expired puppy. The final evaluation will be concluded by my veterinarian. All medical costs are the responsibility of the buyer.

4. To the best of our knowledge, puppies are in good health when leaving our premises; however, this guarantee does not include coccidian which is common in puppies that are stressed and/or shipped, nor kennel cough which is self-limiting and like the common cold, must run its course.

5.  This guarantee does not cover what in the shih tzu breed is considered normal; stenotic nares, underbite, and inguinal or umbilical hernias etc., nor the color or size of the puppy as it is impossible to determine.

6.  Guarantee is null and void if pet is placed on what is deemed as low quality dog food as this greatly affects the healthiness and longevity of your pet.  All dog foods can be reviewed at  Human "table scraps" are not suitable for your dog; however, "human-grade" dog foods are.

7.  If at any time the buyer cannot care for the dog/puppy, it is to be returned to Tiny Gem Shih Tzu without refund.  All vet/medical and shipping expenses are solely the responsibility of the buyer. 

8.  Deposits are non-refundable but are transferable to another litter once.  A $75 re-advertising  fee applies. 

9.  Shipping costs are extra, which include;  carrier, health certificate and other supporting documentation as necessary. PLEASE read the shipping conditions on the Purchasing Information page as I do not ship cargo.

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